My son and I have enjoyed going to the Learning from the Heart program. Since my son has gone to the program he is finding school easier. There are different activities each time, and the kids have a lot of fun doing the activities. The kids are encouraged to move around freely and do what they feel comfortable doing.

The program has many supportive people that want to help parents get information that can help their kids.

Becky D. Upton, MA.


It’s a very nice program. I’m very glad I went.

Mark D.  (9 years old)


I have been involved with this program as an assistant healer, and worked with Sat Nam Kaur in private sessions. When I was five, before ADHD was widely diagnosed, I was diagnosed with special needs. Federal and state funded testing, given as a result of my schools diagnoses showed I was bright, ahead of the curriculum in school, and creative. From what I have learned in my training, and through Learning From the Heart I now see my challenges and sensitivities as gifts, I understand their origins, and know the value of treating each child’s situation as unique.

Sat Nam works with holistic ways that embrace the entire families health meanwhile addressing healing for specific learning challenges, empowering families with tools to address their families needs. It has been a joy to work with families in need, seeing real results, without the use of medication, and a great blessing to address my own life with Sat Nam Kaur.

Sat Avtar Kaur

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