Charter School

Leading from the Heart Charter School

The mission of the Leading from the Heart Charter School is to have a dynamic
avenue for serving the needs of children, including children with special
needs, and their families as well as the communities surrounding it.

It is our belief that children, including children with special needs, can thrive
with proper facilitation. By creating an environment that addresses the whole
child, as well as their family, not only academically, but physically and emotionally,
opportunities to reach one’s potential is also created. Venues that are approved
by children and parents are employed in this school. We are open to playing
with methods that are not what would be typically found in a public school. Every
student and family member is encouraged to participate and unfold in their own

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this unique environment is a commitment to the
well being of each staff member, and their family. Without regular nourishment,
body, mind, and emotion, how can a staff person fully facilitate the nourishment
of a child who they are privileged to have in their care? Each staff member is
supported as they develop their own methods for nourishing themselves.

When a child experiences permanent positive change in their lives, a rippling affect
is created throughout a family and the community they live in.